PR For Non-Profits Training Course


October 2015

Between the 8th and the 16th of October 2015, a delegation of our foundation participated in the “PR For Non-Profits Training Course” hosted in Debrecen, Hungary, and financed through the ERASMUS+ program.

The project was hosted locally by the Hang-Kepe Egyesulet Association, inviting representatives of non-governmental agencies from 7 countries (Hungary, Romania, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Lithuania, Estonia and Turkey).

The objectives of the course were as follows:

– facilitating youth workers towards improving public relations within the organizations they are members of;

– improving the quality and visibility of youth projects;

– sensitizing the public towards accepting and recognizing volunteer work;

– improving the communication competences of participants;

– exchanges of ideas and learning new methods to increase the impact of the project on the public and the media;

– establishing partnerships and possible international cooperation.